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Swing club in United States
Swing club in United States of America.

Swinging is an increasingly common practice nowadays in United States. It consists of couples opting for sexual relations with other people, without this being perceived as infidelity. It is a rather difficult concept to understand, especially for conformist people who are used to living according to the rules established by society. However, as you may have noticed at least once in your life, getting off the beaten track once in a while can do a lot of good.

That's why for some time now, in United States of America and many other cities in USA, many swinger cubs have sprung up to help couples live new experiences. You will have the choice between a swingers club, a sex club, a spa, a strip bar, and many others. These establishments may have several different names, but the main thing is that they offer practically the same service.

So if you are interested, even if it is your very first experience in this field, the first step is to learn as much as you can about it. You will then be able, in agreement with your spouse or partner, to choose the most suitable libertine place or sex hotel to spice up your sex life and discover sensations that until then were totally unknown to you.

What is a swingers club in USA?

As we mentioned above, a swingers club in United States is a place adapted to rather unusual sexual practices. It is indeed designed to welcome couples and all the people who wish to live their sexuality differently. It can take several forms, and offer many additional services such as catering, body care, massages, and many others. It is for this reason that it is possible today to find :

  • A hammam in a swinger club
  • A swinger sauna
  • A swinger restaurant
  • A swinger massage center
  • A dirty hot tub, etc.

In this kind of swinger club, practically anything is allowed, except to have relations with a person without his or her consent. For this reason, all arrangements are made on site to ensure the safety of all members, both men and women. It is permissible to rinse one's eyes or to engage in voyeurism, nudism, groping or simply flirting, but without going any further if the other is not interested. This is what makes this kind of sex club so successful, because you can take the risk of entering just to feel the ground. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to do it anymore.

You should know that for many people, a swingers club in United States of America is nothing more than a place of debauchery. Most members are therefore embarrassed to show their membership club or interest in such practices. In reality, being a swinger or practicing debauchery are practices that are very frowned upon by society. Fortunately, everything is planned so that you can remain anonymous in USA for as long as you want. All you have to do is find a good swinger site, if possible the best site to immerse yourself in this world apart.

This is how you are guaranteed to find the best swingers club for you and your spouse in United States of America. It's much better than a simple dating site, because the goal is to make a naughty meeting, for sex and nothing else. So there is no attachment, no need to bother with details or formalities like introductions or taking an interest in other people's lives. All that matters is the pleasure you can give each other, and everything that happens in the club stays in the club.

Swinging in United States of America is primarily for couples

A swingers fan is a person who likes to have company above all else. He is a person attracted by naughty games, discussions and mainly those based on the erotic theme. This is how they manage to shift their simple and classic sex life to something more intense and exciting. However, it should be noted that to do swinging in United States, you must first of all be in a couple. This means that when it comes to a single person, we are talking about a libertine practice and not swinging.

Partner swapping in United States of America
Partner swapping in USA.

So, when a swinging couple decides to go down this path, it is important that each partner is fully informed and consenting. At least, they must both be ready to try the experience, and have enough confidence in their relationship to talk about it freely without taboo. For some swinger couples, this practice represents a way like any other to boost their libido and have a more fulfilling sex life. For others, it's a way to live their wildest fantasies, to satisfy desires that are still unspoken to this day. There are also kinky couples who simply choose this way of life because it suits them.

In any case, what counts is to do it as a couple, especially since swinging is actually the exchange of partners between two couples. For those who are still struggling with this concept, it is actually quite simple. Two couples get to know each other in a swingers club and appreciate each other. They then agree to have sex with each other, but by doing a partner exchange. This means that each partner will have the right to have sex with a member of the other couple, without it being infidelity. If you are a straight couple, the exchange should be fairly easy to do. Besides, it will be the same if you consider yourself a bi couple or if you are a gay couple. The most important thing will be to establish the rules to follow with your partner, to find a couple that will meet your expectations.

Basically, you are entitled to a booty call, despite your status as a married man or woman, and this with the blessing of your spouse. Pretty tempting, isn't it? But beware, because first of all, you have to understand that a simple fuck has nothing to do with love. You must therefore be able to separate sex from any feelings of love, otherwise your lovemaking may do more harm than good to your relationship.

Note that in some cases, couples who are partners in a swingers club choose to meet in real life in United States. For example, they can go on holiday together, organize dinners together, in order to get to know each other better. The aim in this case is to go beyond physical attraction, without allowing themselves to be drawn into deeper feelings. Of course this is a big risk, unless you are 100% sure you can control your emotions. That's why it's always best to stick to the basics: a simple encounter between a cock and a pussy, and nothing more.

What is cuckolding in USA?

Thanks to the power of communication in a couple, and especially to the trust that can become very strong between two people who love each other, fantasies are now things that can be talked about freely. This is how many practices have gradually emerged, and seduce more and more couples. One of them is a cuckold, and it is a rather surprising concept. It is actually a desire that a man or a woman may feel to have their partner offer themselves to a third person. Some people may wonder how it is possible to have pleasure with such an image, but the human brain is a real mystery to everyone.

So there are swinging couples in United States of America who engage in this libertine sexual practice. It should be noted that there are several forms of cuckold in United States. First of all, there is the soft version, which simply consists of exposing pictures of one's naked partner to other people. Thus, provoking desire in these people, making them want to fuck his wife or to be violently penetrated by his partner's impressive dick, it provides great excitement.

The other form of cuckold consists in acting out and simply offering one's spouse to one or more sexual partners. Watching their sexual intercourse afterwards gives a certain satisfaction or sexual pleasure that is difficult to explain. This practice is a bit halfway between voyeurism and swinging. It can therefore take place in a swingers club in United States, or in your home. It all depends on the preferences of each couple.

So, before you start, you should take the time to ask yourself about your personal desires. You need to know if this idea suits you, or if you are considering it simply because it was suggested to you by your partner. So, do you feel ready or willing to have your partner have sex with someone else? Or can you consider having sex with a third person yourself, in front of your partner? You can be a fan of the other personbut not be willing to go that far. It is therefore important to take your deepest desires into account, before you let yourself go. If you are not interested, you can propose other libertine practices in United States of America to your partner such as triolism or group sex.

About group sex and gang bang in USA

Having a threesome in United States is probably one of the most common sexual fantasies these days. Both men and women are attracted to the fact that they can have sex with two partners simultaneously. What could be better if your partner or spouse agrees, and even more so if he or she is part of the trio. It is also a practice that can vary according to each person's desires.

A woman may want to make love with another woman, and to do so, she invites one of them to participate in her sexual intercourse with her husband. The woman may also want to be fucked by two men simultaneously, i.e., be the object of a double penetration. It is a very common fantasy to want to be treated like a slut or a sexual object, but few women have the courage to express this desire. So if you have the opportunity to talk about the different practices that exist with your partner, think about submitting your desires to him or her and discovering his or her own. You will probably find an interesting compromise to satisfy each other. After all, being in a couple means being able to make the other happy, even if he or she has rather special expectations.

Threesome is also when a man caresses the idea of being able to get two sexy women at the same time. The object of his arousal can also be to see two women kissing in front of his eyes, giving each other pleasure or even making each other cum with their fingers. On the other hand, you may also want to be the center of attention for these ladies and derive your pleasure from the prospect of seeing them come through your sexual performance. It is also possible that for you, the trip is to discover sex with a man and a woman at the same time. You will need to convince your wife to participate in the experience and to accept seeing you fuck a man like you.

Kinky wife in USA
Kinky wife in United States.

All these desires that you may want to satisfy in United States are completely natural and you are not the first to think about it. That's what the principle of a naughty encounter in a couple, or even a sex encounter, is based on. Today you can assume the fact of being a slutty woman or a kinky man in United States of America, without giving up your life as a couple and your family. It is all about convincing your partner to try the experience with you. To do so, think about inviting him/her to free meetings during a swinger party in United States of America. You will have the choice between going out in a swinger club for an ephemeral meeting, or go through a free registration on a swinger dating site in USA.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will always find the best way to satisfy all your desires. By the way, you can go through sites like :

  • tinder
  • meetic
  • match
  • bumble
  • happn
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • Badoo

There are sites for adults, where you will find sex ads or naughty ads from couples like you, tempted by swinging or other forms of sex in United States of America. You won't need to create fake profiles, because every effort is made to preserve your anonymity. You can be sure that every person you meet on one of these sites is mature and willing to live new experiences close to your city. Whether you are in the mood for a threesome, hot parties with lots of cock or pussy nearby, being led by a dominatrix or being treated like a real pig, just ask and you will be served.

Other sites such as elite dating or meetic rather propose a serious relationship, or promise you to find true love in United States. But if you are already in a lasting relationship, you can also use them to find a sex plan, with people interested in everything but a solid and lasting love story.

Are there any rules to follow to practice swinging in United States of America?

As mentioned above, swinging in United States is a practice reserved for couples. However, not all interested couples are necessarily ready to do it. Indeed, it is possible that in a couple, the man is interested and not the woman, or vice versa. If this is the case, and for the good of your couple, it is better to discuss it at length to ensure that you are indeed on the same wavelength. There is no point in rushing and frustrating the other's feelings, because the purpose of swinging is to have fun together. These experiences should not drive you apart, but on the contrary, they are there to make your relationship more united. You will be able to better understand your partner's desires, and know how to make him/her enjoy. You will also be able to get to know your own body, your sensitive points, and discover sensations that you never thought possible until now. It will be very beneficial for you, but only if you follow the rules.

If it seems too definitive to go straight to action, you can try the naughty cat first. It is possible to find a person interested in relationships with a couple by searching on the web for "couple seeks woman" or "couple seeks man". You can define your criteria according to your physical preferences such as: big breasts, pulpy lips, a well rounded buttocks, etc... You can also base your criteria on more selective criteria such as age, profession, lifestyle, etc. You can then take it to the next level with, for example, a webcam chat. At this level, anything goes.

You will be able to find out whether you are willing to really take action, or whether you prefer to go backwards. However, you should know that most of the time, those who try libertine or swinging more precisely cannot do without it, because when both partners are willing, there is nothing better to unite a couple.

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